"Jeanann Dara pushed her instrument, the viola, to the outer limits of possibility. At one point, I had to crane my neck to make sure she wasn’t using any electronics. The sounds were devastating, created by intense staccato and a dry-as-bone bow cracking across strings like lightning, a spark I thought could only be harnessed by the power of a synth.” -Bedford & Bowery Raised in Texas, Brooklyn based Jeanann Dara is a force in modern creation, collaboration and performance. She has developed her own sound with modern viola performance, improvisation and composition. Engaging sounds and manipulating the instrument with extended techniques, she pulls from her strong classical training and invites the listener to participate in the dynamic range from silence to noise and the anticipation in between. Jeanann received her undergraduate degree from The Juilliard School where she held the position as teaching assistant to Karen Tuttle, she received her 1st Masters degree in multimedia composition at NYU and just completed her 2nd Masters the Performance Studies from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Jeanann is a sought after violist playing the works of numerous artists including work done for and with Jonny Greenwood of (Radiohead), MONO, Max Richter at The Sydney Opera House, Nora Jones, Joanna Newsom, Jon Brion, and joined Bjork on stage in support of her New York City multi show residency. She is also a violist in multiple performance ensembles including The Wordless Music Orchestra and Soloists, SEM Ensemble, Anthony Braxton’s Tri Centric Orchestra, Anti Social Music and Manhattan Camerata. In 2012 she co-founded The Western Enisphere, an improvisational drone ensemble, with composer and performer David First using gestural Improvisation, a hypno-acoustical mix of microtonal drones, poly- rhythmic ratios, AM radio transmissions, and hallucinogenic visuals. She has performed and composed with some of the finest experimental and new music artists such as Naama Tsabar, Brian Chase (YYY’s), Lea Bertucci, Sam Hilmer (Z’s), Zack Layton, John King, David Linton, Jherek Bischoff, Dary John Mizelle, Spencer c Yeh, the Cassatt Quartet, Nick Hallet (voice), Robert Dick (flute), Frances-Marie Uitti (cello), and performance artist, Rachel Mason. Her blending of genres between art and classical music has allowed her to perform original works in multiple galleries and performance spaces including The Stone, Issue Project Room, Lincoln Center, National Sawdust, Carnegie Hall, Microscope Gallery, Signal Gallery, Reverse Gallery, ART BASEL Miami, and the Satellite Art Show Miami.